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The Call To Adventure

Welcome to The Story Store

The world is on the rebound from a global pandemic and many people are furiously scrambling to "get back to normal."

But not us.

When our routines were disrupted and life was uncertain, we did something radical- we stopped, exhaled, and took a moment to DREAM.

We thought about that magical time when we were children and stories were what mattered the most. We spent hours and hours listening, reading, watching, writing and playing for no other reason than our love for story.

What if created a space founded on the love of stories?

A space where time was not currency. A space where work and play were not opposites. A space where the line between imagination and reality didn't matter.

At first, the idea felt like a fantasy, like something to be shot down in order to "be realistic."

But like the best ideas, it wouldn't go away. It grew and grew and soon we couldn't ignore it. It suddenly felt... real.

We started calling it "The Story Store," and through the power of naming, the idea began to take shape and have a life of its own. It wasn't long before The Story Store was our first thought in the morning and our last thought at night.

We became curious. "Was this really something that we could actually do?"

And now we are here- at the place where the hero leaves behind the familiar to take their first step on the road to adventure.

Are you ready to join us?

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